1. Is GGH a hospice or not?

GGH is a licensed Adult Foster Care for end-of-life.  The Administrator lives in the home (hence: “My home.”)  She provides direct care, along with additional staff. It is not a hospital nor does it provide 24-hour RN level nursing care. It is a non-medical, companion care that follows your hospice team orders—just as your spouse, friend or care-giver would if you were in your own home. We work with all certified Hospice agencies.

2. I am already a hospice patient. Could I choose GGH?

Talk to your hospice provider.  We allow you to choose and/or keep your hospice provider, including physician.  Unfortunately, not everyone enrolled in hospice IS eligible.  But, if you are struggling, other options may exist that fit your needs—contact your hospice for additional help or questions.

3. Why might I (or my loved one) need GGH?

Hospice philosophy is to bring care to the individual in his or her home if possible. It is more common that patients prefer to die at home instead of a nursing home or hospital. However, the care can become over-whelming for a solo caregiver or there may be no 24-hour caregiver available. We offer that setting & staff.    All have passed State of Michigan background and  fingerprint checks.  

4. Do you have a physician visit daily?

No.  Hospice is an RN-driven organization and provides 24-hour accessibility by phone for questions.  A physician is also available 24-hours per day if the RN needs additional support.  Your hospice team establishes the types and frequencies of visits you need.  They reassess often and react accordingly.

5. Are my family, friends, or caregivers able to visit me?

Of course.  Our only request is all visitors be respectful of the fact this is a peaceful home setting and other residents (“guests”) reside here, too.  GGH and the hospice care team manage medications, bathing, toileting, etc. freeing family, friends or a primary caregiver to focus on what is most important: relationship. In addition to a hospital bed, each of the four bedrooms has a pull out bed option for an overnight visitor.

6. Are meals provided to visitors or family?

No.  But they are welcome to use the kitchen for rewarming, light meal prep, and are able to store favorite foods and beverages.  GGH is responsible only for maintaining temperature of the freezer and refrigerator.  We do offer complimentary beverages.


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7.   Why do you charge in non-refundable “renewable” 3- and 7-day “bundles?”

None of us can accurately know length of stay, but we’d rather not bill the family after a resident passes, knowing it is a difficult time filled with many tasks. Some guests will have non-local guardians who would prefer not to be called daily for payment.  We are a non-profit. Rather than process refunds, we want to use that money and direct contributions to defray future guest room costs. 

8.  How do we make a direct contribution to support GGH?

We are a 501(c)(3) charity so your gift may be tax-deductible.   We do accept cash and checks any time, or you can include us in your Estate Planning.  We also accept donations of time and treasure—we plan to offer “gently used items” in an annual “OP (Opportunity) SHOP” upscale re-sale event each May at Grace Guest House.  Talk to the administrator to learn more. All proceeds benefit GGH.  Tax laws do change so please consult with your tax adviser to determine if a specific used item you wish to donate  is  tax-deductible.